About Us

Our company is noted for its outstanding service to clients due to our staunch dedication to professionalism, timely and quality service and prompt client responsiveness. Let us be your accountant in Vancouver.

As a tax accountant and bookkeeper specialist, we are the leading firm in our area, combining our experience, expertise and unfailing dedication to our clients in order to provide personal as well as professional services. Our high professional standards of service combined with a specialized and dedicated staff differentiates us from the competition.

An accounting firm will make a true mark if it offers high quality tax consultant service, and this is one of our company’s reputation and pride. We only demand the highest standards for ourselves in order to provide the same to our customers. Whether it’s a concern for personal tax, tax refund, corporate tax in Vancouver, non-residence tax return, or USA tax preparation, we aim to be the trusted advisor to you and your finances and books, and we ensure that we are there to give you the best and most insightful advice that will empower you to make informed and sound financial decisions.

As an accounting company, we also recognize the need for continuing professional education for our experts, so that our technical expertise, service, and financial knowledge will always be relevant and updated. All of accountants go to most relevant and up to date convention and conferences to update their expertise with the new laws and technology to better serve you so that you can be sure to get a relief from your personal tax woes when you come to us.

We also ensure a responsive company culture wherein we cater to our client’s every accounting needs quickly, efficiently, and timely. Our competent advice is already fast becoming a standard in our industry, and it is what we are well known for. The total financial and accounting services we give to our individuals and company clients are no less than the best.

We provide our service to an ever –growing number of new clients from 95% referrals we get from our very satisfied clientele base. As a result, our growth has thus substantially increased in the past few years. Our hard work has paid off, and you, our clients, can expect to reap the benefits of our expertise. The respect we get from financial and business communities validates our good reputation. The industry recognizes our talents, service and dedication to our customers. Feel free to come to us for your personal tax, corporate tax, tax planning, bookkeeping, and tax consultation concerns. We promise to provide the answers you need and more regarding any tax preparation. Contact us at our Vancouver office any time and we will be there for you.

Take a look at the services we offer. We provide general accounting services; bookkeeping; cash flow & budgeting analyses; financial forecasts & projections; financial statements; reviews and compilations; estate & trust tax preparation; tax planning and preparation; debt & financing services; investment review; business advice; retirement planning; and general financial and accounting consultancy. We can handle all tax and financial issues. We want you to benefit from our experience and expertise. We are here to serve you.